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I decided to share Yuya’s pain at the maths questions and answer them along with him. So I stopped at the question, gave my answer, then continued the episode to see what Yuya got.








Wait… whaaaaaaaaat.


I want to punch this kid so bad.

Then I drew it out on a piece of paper, and it is 11 pillars. Yuya and I are equally bad at maths it seems.

It’s a somewhat tricky question, but it’s definitely 11, counting it in my head. Since there’s a pillar at the 0 mark, you have to count that as well as the 10, 20, 30, 40 ect marks. Poor Yuya though. XD



Is there anyone actually happy about Disgaea5?

I’ve only seen negativity about it on here. (From my dash, not gone into the tag yet. About to venture into it)

There are definitely a lot of people that are excited, me included. It’s just that some people are…

I am super excited for the game, I’m excited to play it and I’m glad we’re getting so much info so quickly after the formal announcement, but I get annoyed at folks who think that graphical appearance is the only reason why a game would run on an older system.

People gave this same sort of complaint when Disgaea 3 came out (they actually also criticized Disgaea 1 as being more than capable of running on a PS1 because of how it looked, but let’s not get into that), and they had to buy a PS3 to play it, but honestly, anyone who thinks D3 could’ve run easily on a PS2 does not understand how games like this work under the surface. Some of Disgaea 3’s maps were huge— some huge enough to cause slow down with the game. And the thing people have to remember is that games like Disgaea load /everything/ that’s going to be on that particular map. It’s not like most action games where they only load up the models for that particular area. Heck, even the musou games really only load up what’s around and in front of you at any given time, because otherwise, having as many enemies around would cause the game to become lag city.

But with Disgaea, what you see on a map is what you get. You have all of the actors in place. You have the models for the map, any items that might be around (Geo Blocks and Effects, for instance), enemies, and your own characters. That’s a lot of things to keep track of and moving, and sprite counts, despite people’s impressions of them by just looking at them, can cause quite a strain on a game.

Heck, look at Disgaea 4 Vita— the amount of things going on in Item World means that there’s a lot of slow down everytime you hit every 10 floors. Or look at games like Phantom Brave on the PSP— the main island will start stuttering if you have over 35 objects around, and the max is meant to be 50. As someone pointed out too, have too many characters walking around in DD2, and you get lag as well. There have been reports of lag elsewhere in Disgaea 4 Vita, and the Vita isn’t exactly a weak system in terms of power.

Disgaea may not be the most graphically impressive game, but it doesn’t mean that it needs fewer resources than your average action game. And if NIS is intending on increasing the character count for the game (maybe upping the amount of characters you can bring out of your Base Panel, as well?), among other things, then yes, maybe the PS4 is a better option for them as a developer, in order to push their own boundaries after having three mainline games on the PS3. And like people said too, the developing architecture is a lot easier for devs to bite into than the PS3 was, so others should likely understand that more, too.


TUNNEL VISION is a short story about two girls who go on a cave expedition searching for ghosts.

It’s a kinetic novel rather than a game so there are no extra endings or anything like that. Sorry! Also it’s really really short. Like 20 minutes of your life probably. So if you’re up for that…

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE ON GUMROAD! Just put in $0. But if you’re feeling generous you could put in a different number. If you want. No pressure <3 It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

You can also get the OST on bandcamp! It’s really nice so please do that.

Aaand I have a Patreon if you’d like to support me in making more stories like this one!


Disgaea 5′s story premise detailed



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